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ASK Biblitz about Child Trafficking.

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What is child trafficking?

Hey Leo,

Where is taking place? Who is being oppressed? Why is it happening? I never really understood it can someone explain those questions

Biblitz replies:

A growing sex trade worldwide fuelled in a large measure by Internet porn requires a steady stream of young victims, who are often kidnapped and tortured, raped and finally abandoned, left for dead when they are no longer useful to their pimps/captors. Victims are usually drawn from countries with few if any child protection laws/enforcement. Countries such as Thailand have become legendary sex tourism destinations - means Westerners are free to solicit sex even from infants if they have the money.

It's happening and increasing, I might add, because of a patriarchal (male-dominated) culture that is ultimately extremely overtly and covertly predatory. Men give themselves permission use the images of mother/sister/wife/daughter to reduce them to mere objects solely for the purpose of titillation. It happens because not enough women have enough self-esteem/material wealth to take them out! It's that simple and that difficult, I'm afraid.


Not A Love Story

A Film About Pornography


View a clip of this landmark documentary, which recounts in lurid detail the industry's increasing reliance on violent imagery and on ever-younger child 'actors'.

Not a Love Story looking up

A thought-provoking chronicle of the odyssey of two women, Bonnie (Sherr) Klein, the director of the film, and Lindalee Tracey, a stripper. Together they set out to explore the world of peep shows, strip joints and sex supermarkets. Both are motivated by the desire to know more about pornography - why it exists, the forms it takes and how it affects relations between men and women. Not a Love Story offers insights and perspectives from men and women who earn their living in the porn trade, and from some of pornography's most outspoken critics. This film contains sexually explicit material that may be disturbing to some people. (From the NFB Web site accessed Oct. 29/09)


Trafficking in persons or human trafficking is often described as a modern form of slavery. It involves the recruitment, transportation, and/or harbouring of persons for the purpose of exploitation, typically for sexual exploitation or forced labour. Victims are forced to provide their services (often sexual) or labour under circumstances where they fear for their safety or that of someone known to them if they refuse to provide that service or labour. Victims suffer physical, sexual and emotional abuse including threats of violence or actual harm, which is compounded by their living and working conditions.

Human trafficking is a serious crime that affects the most vulnerable members of society. Women and children are often the victims of human trafficking, and particularly vulnerable to sex trafficking, however, men can also be trafficking victims.

A set of interrelated "push" and "pull" factors contribute to trafficking in persons. "Push" factors include extreme poverty, unemployment, lack of education, inadequate social programs, gender-based inequality, war and conflict situations, and political unrest in countries of origin. "Pull" factors include a globalized, free-market economy that has increased the demand for cheap labour, goods and services in many countries. Victims may also be "pulled" into trafficking through the promise of money and what is seen as a better life.

Traffickers use many methods to control their victims including force, sexual assault, and threats of violence. Human trafficking occurs both across and within borders, and according to the International Labour Organization, often involves extensive organized crime networks. New communications technologies like the Internet, which allow for instantaneous and worldwide communications, often help facilitate trafficking in persons. (From People for sale in Canada? The answer will shock you, accessed Nov. 18/09)