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In my opinion, GVC have made arbitrary changes to historic accounts and refuse to answer any questions. IMO, do NOT trust and avoid all GVC brands!

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A new Web site on the heels of devoted exclusively to condominium/strata governance and construction issues and design worldwide. Daily updates of judgments and articles at The Condo Chronicles beginning October, 2010. Selections of legal decisions from Small Claims Provincial Court all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada affecting condominiums, and.
The Biblitz B.C. Law Review

Who is screwing whom, as Mommie Dearest Joan Crawford so famously put it. Duking it out, figurately, in most cases, anyway in court beginning October, 2010. Judgments, including summaries and case comments, of everything before the Courts of B.C. Only at facebook. Daily updates!
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Literally countless billions of Canadian tax dollars are earmarked for aboriginals, who number fewer than 1.2 million. Yet the money rarely seems to make it past the lawyer's desk in Ottawa, as successive royal commissions and audits reveal. Time to cut off the bureaucratic gravy train? And what about the atrocities at Indian residential schools the subject of an enormous civil action against, well, taxpayers? Does the compensation scheme go too far, especially in view of so many similar claims by equally deserving litigants, including people with disabilities, claims that have yet to be adjudicated? Will there be anything left for them? See also aboriginal art favorites selected mostly from the Left Coast of Canada - a few of the symbols, what they mean and their influence in the art world. See also Gambling.



U.S. Gen. Stanley McChrystal has an ambitious plan to win the war against insurgents in Afghanistan, but the odds are stacked overwhelmingly against its success. Educating women, on the other hand, may provide a far more effective way of controlling terrorism and creating a new economic base. More, too, on the drone missiles that have facilitated a third American war, this one in Pakistan, with virtually no discussion or debate. See also a Biblitz personal tribute to the fallen of the First and Second World Wars



See also Consumer Protection. Domestic appliances, help or hindrance? Product reviews of a few of the mostly kitchen monsters chez Biblitz - the winners, the losers and full-on miscreants designed by imbeciles and destined for the scrap heap.



Finally! A weekly archive of ASKBiblitz entries beginning April 18/10 in case you missed any or, perhaps more usefully, if you require some context - a snapshot of all events related and un- that captured our interest during the course of a particular week here at the madhouse. Apply within.



A derogatory term used to describe the favored status afforded to certain notorious B.C. fraudsters, gangsters and typical fifth-rate homeboys - in a word, Billies - who have somehow acquired admission to the province's inner circle. All about the evolution of Billy from his Billy roots to his stinkin' Billy thinkin' and his no-account, Billy business practices conducted always at your expense. Welcome to the wild, wild, west!



See also New York and the Wall Street bailouts. All about the people and places of Brooklyn, New York, including the controversial new Atlantic Yards development proposal for a massive stadium/highrise complex - another Gehry eyesore - that would put much of that lush, green, vibrant community literally in the shadows. Would developer Bruce Ratner be able to deliver local jobs or the affordable housing promised? Probably not, say community leaders and residents, who have launched several lawsuits intended to halt the project.



Whether you call it stalking or harassment, whether it's happening at home or online, it's plain and simple bullying. Happily, there is now a growing body of law to help us name the problem and fight back. More on a few celebrated victims of bullying and their brave narrative accounts that helped pave the way to reform.



All about those plump, egg-laying clucksters, chickens, which are currently enjoying much favor even among urban dwellers in those municipalities bird-brained enough to allow such nonsense. Why such initiatives are, in fact, dangerous! Also, a few words to help consumers distinguish between 'free range,' Omega-3 and organic eggs.



A culture driven by greed, ambition and rampant consumerism makes rather little room for the kiddies, I'm afraid, and the little tykes aren't taking it lying down. Before they go about the premises smashing the family escutcheon in a fit of rage, apply the Biblitz Anger Management Strategy. Parents won't know what hit them! Lots more about managing anger. More, too, on how to break out of stereotypical roles applied arbitrarily by especially fatheaded parents. A few hard words about maturity, that never-ending process of human development, and, alas, the consequences of a misguided effort to seduce the teacher. More on the ways hormones make teens and their parents crazy - how to cope.



What would it take, Biblitz wonders, to put Christmas back in our public schools? Here are a few Biblitz Christmas favorites many school children today are missing out on. Add yours here! How to select the perfect gift for him and her and how to stay out of the dreaded 'dual-bag' doghouse! How to make Christmas keepsakes for mom and dad good enough to inspire forgivess for the odd youthful misdemeanor.



See also Appliances. All about Consumer Protection. Remedies against defective products, aggressive debt collection agencies and peddlers who trespass despite a clear No Soliciting sign, when to contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or its equivalent, when to notify breaching party of your intention to sue in Small Claims, obligations on both sides when roommate leaves stuff with you, when spouse changes locks on the door of the family home or depeletes the joint account, when s/he leaves, taking your stuff, too, what to expect when you buy from an unqualified seller and more!



Four-dollar 'artisan' bread, forsooth! Bake your own bread three loaves at a time using the simple Biblitz Basic Bread Recipe perfected years ago on the bombing ranges of World War II. Aprons up!



How to copyright a song or a story and keep it out of the public domain. All about over-zealous copyright bozos and the time-honored artistic practice of appropriation. Fragonard did it and so did Canadian painter Emily Carr to spectacular effect.



How do you know when it's authentic, grown-up love you can hang your bowler hat on? How can you tell if the one you love is playing you for a fool? Is there any sort of test you can take? Yes, there is! Apply the Biblitz Dating Standard to determine, if yours is the real deal or if - alas! - your beloved has mistaken you for the doormat in the front hall. How should a gentleman today conduct himself after mauling a female stranger in a bar while under the influence? Was she partly to blame for not taken control of the situation?



What to know about the black dog of despair hounding a growing multitude regardless of race, income, artistic merit, success. Find a list of helpful strategies, including a poem, a prayer, a spell - even a popular Frostback folk song tested by the first mate on a fishing vessel caught in a raging storm at sea! How to take heart when depression attends a crisis. See also Winning.



See also God. The truth about the European witchhcraze in which women were accused of consorting with the devil, a few reasons why it's often said 'the devil sings the best song.'



Surprising facts about the increasing prevalence of disability in the U.S., including excerpts from and links to a report online by Boston's renowned Institute of Medicine (IOM), plus how-tos on applying for public disability benefits. More on disability claims here in B.C., where increasingly workers' compensation (B.C. WorkSafe) litigants are forced onto the public rolls with predictably devastating consequences.



How to pick up the pieces after a marital break-up to ensure you don't make the same mistake(s) twice. Also, a best effort to recover a marriage that's had more than its fair share of stress. More about dividing the assets of the marriage when turtle doves call it a day, including factors determining who gets the matrimonial home, and the effect of conflicting marriage laws complicating divorce from marriage in another country.



There is nothing so good as a restorative cocktail at the close of a wearying day. Now anyone at all may compose a classic dry martini, straight up, with a twist, using the simple, no-mystery Biblitz Martini Methodology! See also inebriation, drug testing and the views of the great Unwashed on how to last the night on beer, whisky and wine - the pleasure and, alas, the pain.



What's wrong with public education and a few U.S. teacher initiatives that would likely go a long way toward improving Canada's dumbed-down academic standards. See also International Baccalaureate (IB), a popular intensive high school program for super-achievers that provides a fast-track to local universities now out of reach even to a lot of A students. See also ESL below.



How to advance the study of English as a second language (ESL) using the simplest literary tools, including poetry, the ultimate guide to verbs, the key to language, and children's stories, a concise, imaginative guide to cultural basics.



How to confront sexual assault by a family member without accepting blame. How to set priorities in a blended family when a variety of crises, each more difficult than the last, vie for your attention. How to interpret a somewhat confusing request for space when there are children involved. How long are parents required to provide life necessaries even to an errant, unrepentant whelp? How to deal with 'Mothers Without Boundaries' and the family that threatens to bully or otherwise sabotage your efforts to address personal issues.



See also Lilacs, Peonies and Roses. It's ho! for the open spaces, Beethoven's Pastorale and life in the country. A brief word on the joys and sorrows of farming, an expensive indulgence now mostly the purview of wealthy landowners, and why old Biblitz doesn't begrudge the local growers their $6.99 a pound for heirloom tomatoes. Ever tried to grow just enough of the miserable things to feed one small family of pasta fanciers for a week? No, Biblitz cheerfully coughs up coin to these astute master gardeners having given up on his own experiments. More on these, too.



All about fishing - the joys and sorrows of a deck boss on the hit TV series, Deadliest Catch, and two very conflicting views of aquaculture or fish farms, which stress the fish inmates unduly and threaten the native wild species, according to many scientists. There's even a goodish recipe for Yellow fin chips and frozen haddock, a lovely white fish that's considerably cheaper than wild sockeye, which has yet to reflect the prices one might expect following B.C.'s record catch in 2010!



The transforming effects of a sound fitness regime are well known, but the benefits don't stop there. Exercise, at least when it comes to golf may also provide something of a test of business acumen, as the great British humorist P.G. Wodehouse tell us. Tired of searching for new music for the daily workout grind? Look no further. Download the iTunes on our new Celtic Fitness Playlist I, a rollicking good selection of Irish jigs, reels and punk classics to work you into a fitness frenzy. Rock, rhythm and blues fans can download the new Tom Petty Playlist I, featuring the music of Tom, Mudcrutch and the Heartbrokers and, most recently, the Bob Dylan Fitness Playlist I, featuring classic Bob!



All about zoonosis, the transmission of disease from animals to humans, fear-mongering about flu epidemics and pandemics and how to decide whether to get a flu shot this year.



See also The Horses and Winning. Say what they like, even the most strident Prohibitionists cannot refute the fact that gambling or risk is an integral part of daily life throughout the world, throughout the arts, sciences - even religion. Is the U.S. preparing to re-open the super-sized American online gambling market? All about the new post-Bush push for poker. More on a new deal to exploit the well-established European gambling market while preparing for the U.S. return, and about the gamble maverick Kahnawake Mohawks are taking against prosecution by both Canada and the U.S. for a lucrative unregulated gambling enterprise that operates tax-free! How can this be when Canada's aboriginals compete for casino settlement agreements like the one Rama Nation signed in January, 2010 with Ontario? Certainly there is abundant evidence to support traditional gambling rights among First Nations. Is it sufficient to create a constitutionally protected aboriginal right? Maybe! All about the ancient Chinese game of mahjong and the challenges barring foreign entry to China's super-sized online gambling market. Will Google's challenge to Chinese censorship help or hinder?



See also the devil. What does religion's malicious obsession with female sexuality have to do with God, anyway? Rather a lot, unfortunately, as even recent history reveals. More on the very exclusive clubbery of what religionists/ spiritualists refer to as faith and, in many cases, the true, the only faith - what's required to demonstrate and maintain membership/commitment.



While awaiting the kiss from Lady Luck, the prudent investor should remember the maxim, fortune favors the bold, especially when it comes to the mining industry's perilous search for gold. Happily, Biblitz has discovered a new well-spring of information on the subject from an unlikely source, GoldMinerPulse, a new kid on the block with a report on Rubicon Minerals and its Phoenix project in the gold mining district of Red Lake, Ont. that could be the Next Big Thing!



More about the deceptive carbon trading industry and GObama's disappointed dream of sustainable jobs in new green industries to comabat rising unemployment.



Hoot mon! What is the attraction of haggis or scrap meat boiled to despair in the guts of a blameless old sheep? Biblitz explores the real reason behind Burns Night festivities, which infect the premises every 25th of January.



At last! The truth about what women really want from husbands, from family, from colleagues, from life. Contemporary culture's compulsive blending of right and wrong into a grey quagmire of 'it's all good' is anything but good. Women are the first to feel the consequences, which may include separation of mothers from daughters and encouragement to enter the predatory sex trade. Here is a sample of what happens when women themselves cross certain social boundaries. Why is it that marital infidelity today is so often attributed to women and almost exclusively to sexual performance? More about the invasion of the vulgarians while women were busy tossing out umbersome undergarments and entering the professions. A simple test to see if yours is a turtledove with whom to bill and coo when you caddie up the morning strengthener. The neuroscience behind premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), which has provided a successful criminal defense for women in France and England.



Why is it that men seem so much more confident than women? More on why this is so and how to become more self-assured the Biblitz way. Caution: The method works rather better for some than others, I'm afraid. Contemporary culture's disamal failure to protect vulnerable children from sexually-obsessed predators in and outside the family has devastating long-term consequences on both female and male victims. All about male anger even while they play a favorite video game.



Tips on reading a racing form and how to back a winner at the good, ol' GGs.



Why it's so tough to find quality affordable housing. If you're buying, where and what type of housing to look for, how to calculate what you can afford. Complaints about a realtor, what to do when a neighbor's tree damages your property and how to get compensation for a construction defect past the warranty. The unique drawbacks against condominiums, especially in Vancouver's 'red-hot' failed housing economy, which enjoyed a boost as the city played host to Winter Olympics 2010. See the The Owner's Guide to B.C. Condominiums - 2010, a 21-page report on strata governance in the midst of a leaky condo epidemic. Replies in writing to condo inquiries, too. Apply within. See also B.C. Billies. All about the perils of renting, especially if you share with anyone other than immediate family.



Life is too serious. Let's have a laugh (or a loff if you prefer) beginning in Britain, birthplace of a few favorite punters.



All about the super-achiever, super-elite academic International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program - the REAL story, according one Vancouver, B.C. family. Follow their epic journey through the wilds of French Immersion in B.C.'s public education system. Find out why the latest round of teacher cuts may not be the tragedy their union claims.



How to find a lawyer, how to instruct a lawyer, how to present facts to inspire pro bono representation and how to complain if service falls somehow short of the mark.



See also roses and peonies. All about the care and feeding of lilacs, those magnificent May spectacles of legendary fragrance. A triumphant personal account of a French hybrid Charles Joly who flowers today on the west garden of the Biblitz estate along with younger brother Chas and the pale though still fragrant Lemoine. It was not always thus, however. Charles has withstood the rigors of his humble beginnings. Photos included!



The latest on cannabis activist Marc Emery and his ham-fisted extradition to the U.S. for selling marijuana seeds online mostly to Americans. Competing drugs laws on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border and why drug prohibition makes no sense - none! - to the intelligentsia worldwide.



What to do when you discover your mate has rekindled an old flame that's been warming since high school. How to re-ignite passion by maintaining autonomy and creating lots of opportunities for intimacy. The last best shot at winning back the affection of even the most determined bolter. How much should one reasonably expect to give up in the great compromise known as marriage? More on marital sacrifice prudent and im-. Yes, and don't miss Biblitz on the congenial sport of marital sparring. All's fair in love and war.



See also Brooklyn and Wall Street bailouts. Everybody sing! The Bronx is up and the Battery's down, New York, New Yo-o-o-ork ... It's a hell of a town!



See also Fitness. What is meant by obesity? How fat is too fat and how do you know if it's you he finds sexy? Apply the very latest no-fail Biblitz Fat Detection Method to be on the safe side. Also, why your sweetie may prefer that you refrain from reducing, a threat of litigation against the diet industry and a sporting opportunity for one whose turtle dove may have allowed his waistline to put its feet up and simply take life and its assortment of calories as they come.



Five good reasons besides the unjust enrichment of real estate moguls like Jack Poole to hate Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 if more were needed. Meet the B.C. Billies who narrowly voted in favor of the five-ring circus.



See also roses and lilacs. How to grow a spectacular Japanese tree peony - what sets all peonies, those fragile things of ballerina beauty, apart and why it's well worth the twice-yearly trouble and expense to include them in your garden. Photos of the Biblitz Krinkle White tree peony included!



What poetry is, what it isn't, how to find and imbibe it, even how to write the miserable stuff or at least get better it it. Also, a new page for all you cream-faced loons who land a role in Shakespeare's Scottish tragedy, Macbeth. And another for poor angst-ridden, young Hamlet.

the Girls90


Easy access to porn via the Internet is poisoning even the most committed relationships today, rendering legions of even young men sexually dysfunctional. Find out how to fight becoming a lonely, dissatisfied wanker addicted to images that reduce the female to an object of sexual access, rather than freeing sensuality from moralistic inhibition. Experts, men and women, weigh in on porn - who it's aimed at, who's making money from the human sex-slave trade now at an all-time historical high. More about human trafficking, an industry now at an all-time historical high worldwide thanks in a large measure to Internet porn. Still another young mother whose wanker husband won't see sense. Time, Biblitz feels, for the girls to start Steaming. How much masturbation is too much? With so much blurring of social boundaries, what's the new sexual slippery slope?



Prison policies in America today reveal a culture that grows increasingly innured to cruelty and torture, including capital punishment, which usually occurs under cover of darkness, and extended periods of isolation often in secret places far from public scrutiny. How DNA and other high-tech evidence is proving that inmates may be often wrongly accused and, alas, executed. What do you think? Should prison inmates be allowed to become organ donors? How about inmates about to be executed? More about the proposal by a confessed killer who murdered his family now on death row in Oregon.



A NEW! Biblitz Relationship Guide for even the most relationship-challenged, those who have trouble distinguishing a cowboy's cattle call from the plaintive chirrup of a turtledove seeking a mate.



See also peonies and lilacs. All about David Austin English Roses - how to select, plant, feed and prune these low-maintenance beauties, which create a spectacular array at Biblitz Manor each summer. Photos of the first bloom in early June, 2010! And still more roses in the garden chez Biblitz.



How to persuade an elder who is reluctant to share the wealth, whether and how to accede to a partner's wishes when to do so threatens one's autonomy and how to support a beloved relation who loathes but nevertheless must remain in a care facility.



All about the growing number of men and women afflicted with sexual dysfunction, apathy, disinterest in sex, erectile dysfunction, a few theories and possible solutions.



Give corporate media now in their death throes another good kick in the pants! Travel the world from the comfort of home as a subscriber to SiriusXM Satellite Radio. Here's a typical week of programming chez Biblitz.



All about international trade and how globalization truly is making the world a better, fairer place, redistributing wealth to enrich developing countries, many of which are now key partners in what is now known as the emerging second world. Trade law agreements, disputes and how the impact real people worldwide.



See also New York and Brooklyn. All about WallStreet, the post-bailout return of pre-crash bonuses and the seven old-school hustles, including the "swoop and squat," the "dollar store" and the "Rumanian box" that led to the financial crisis - how nothing's changed and how, in fact, we're almost certainly doomed to do it all again.



There are, happily, a wide variety of no-fail strategies and tips to imbue each of us with that all-important will to win. Here are a few of our favorite winners and cheerleaders - a selection of the best of the best.



See also bullying. What to know about conduct in today's ethically-challenged workplace - what constitutes sexual harassment, how to report it effectively using company policy and rules and when it may be time to call police. How to report a suspected breach of workplace health and safety regulations.



A rather personal tribute to the fallen of the First and Second World Wars. See also Afghanistan.

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NEW! The Owner's Guide to B.C. Condominiums -2010 - a scathing review of strata governance in the wild, wild west in the midst of a decades-old leaky condo epidemic. What to know about inspection, maintenance, major repairs and how to interpret gaps in strata records, which often reveal little or nothing about the building's true state of repair PLUS a formula to help buyers negotiate a reasonable offer. Download the report pdf for C$25.

How to save as much as $100,000, maybe more, on a building envelope failure in B.C.'s infamous, shark-infested condo market. What to know about savage strata governance in the midst of a decades-old leaky condo epidemic that's affected high-rise, low-rise and even many new single-family homes!
Guide to B.C. Disability Benefits - 2010 - Tips and strategies on who qualifies, when and how to apply, who should advise, how to fight and win at the labor board and/or the provincial tribunals. $19 Cdn.

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Replied to the Province E-Street question, Do you think polygamy should be allowed in B.C.? Why or why not?:

Men should be free to take multiple female partners preferably in isolation. Canadian women and girls require no special protection in this perfect republic run by magnanimous men, whose hearts are ever loving, ever seeking how best to nurture adored mothers, wives, sisters, daughters. Rape, incest and trafficking in mostly female slaves for the lucrative sex trade are but a vague memory. There is no danger that men will 'marry' assorted sex slaves to avoid the law - none at all.

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A Christmas poem by Carol Ann Duffy and the best ever Drummer Boy, Shane McGowan!

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Added new judgments at both Condoquest and the Biblitz B.C. Law Review, where truth proves once again stranger than fiction.